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Tobacco consumption in any form is deadly. In 2010, tobacco will kill 6 million people, 72% of whom reside in low and middle income countries. According to the WHO, India will have the fastest rate of rise in deaths attributed to tobacco. In India, multiple forms of tobacco are marketed and consumed – all of them have serious health consequences in the form of many serious diseases and avoidable early death. Recognizing the adverse effects of tobacco the Government of India has passed the COTPA, Cigarette and other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 and the Smoke Free Public Places Rules 2008.

Tobacco control is one of the chief areas of interest for CFI as tobacco consumption claims around 1 million lives per year in India. In West Bengal more than 75% of the population use some form of tobacco and maximum number of lung cancers are also reported from this state.

CFI focuses on advocacy with the State Government, Departments of Health and Family Welfare, holding sensitization workshops with members of legislative assembly, public health officials, media, schools, colleges, to generate awareness about tobacco, laws and its implementation.

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