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The addition of about a million new cancer patients in the country each year, leaves little resources to meet the post-treatment clinical, psychological and emotional needs of survivors. In order to contribute to this neglected area of concern in cancer care, many NGOs devote their activities towards pain and palliative care, providing prosthesis to survivors, emotional support and counseling patients.

At CFI, we are aware that attention to survivors' issues is as important as augmenting cancer prevention and early detection facilities in the country. From the very beginning CFI has addressed this important service to cancer patients through Cancer Helpline, where survivors are provided clinical counseling and consultation by a panel of expert counselors and oncologists.

CFI conducted a survey among cancer survivors in Kolkata to understand their needs in order to provide them an improved quality of life and clinical support. Based on the feedback received, CFI proposes to start a Cancer Survivors' Resource Centre designed to provide clinical consultancy, dietary and nutritional counseling, pain & palliative and psycho-oncology support, prosthesis , nursing services and home patient care.

CFI is also equally aware and cognizant of the increasing economic burden of cancer treatment in our country and deem it necessary to develop a corpus fund to extend rational financial support and subsidized drugs / medicines with home medical equipment for cancer treatment to deserving patients. We are negotiating with several organizations to sponsor such a project.

CFI Cancer Helpline:
Cancer Helpline is the first project of CFI that was commissioned on 7th November, 2002 in Kolkata. It is the only cancer helpline based in Kolkata through which people can telephonically get information and advice on causes, detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Helpline guides people for medical check-up, diagnostic and treatment facilities available in different towns in the country as well as provides expert clinical guidance and counseling to survivors through tele-consultancy with its own team of expert councilors and doctors. The helpline is prominently displayed in press and media in public information columns.