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Screening Camp:
Screened: 54 women
Camp 1: Local community around Society for Indian Children’s Welfare (SICW), Kolkata (September 14, 2018)
Supported by: AOGIN India
CFI Cancer Screening & Prevention Centre
(FREE cancer screening services to the underserved population)
Service: Screening by Specialist Clinician for Cervical cancer, Breast cancer and Oral cancer. Includes Pap smear, biopsy and Colposcopy with referral for Cryotherapy and LEEP
Timing: Every Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm
Clinic: 32/1 Gariahat Road (South), Kolkata – 700 031 (Dhakuria-Selimpur)
Initiated by funds raised at: Tata Steel Kolkata 25K Run & Tata Mumbai Marathon
Supported by funds from generous donors (Corporate & Individual)

It is a proven fact that most Cancers are preventable, treatable and curable if detected early enough. This is what drives CFI to keep saving valuable lives by treating pre-cancers and diagnosing early cancers as their treatment is not expensive with survival rate being very high. For over 15 years CFI has conducted mobile cancer screening clinics where over 9,000 underprivileged women have been successfully screened.

This Centre is a public health initiative of Cancer Foundation of India (CFI) and first such specialised community clinic in Kolkata that reaches out to people with services for diagnosis of major cancers. It started in Kolkata in 2016 with a weekly clinic for early detection of Oral, Breast and Cervical cancer by internationally trained clinicians. Here Oral Visual Exam (OVE), Clinical Breast Exam (CBE), and Colposcopy with VIA are offered for free. The Cervical screening unit also offers Pap smear, biopsy with referral of Cryotherapy and LEEP for pre-cancer treatment. The Centre has its own unit of trained social workers for community mobilisation, record keeping and follow up to ensure recall of suspected cases. This clinic follows the World Health Organisation (WHO) protocol aligned with the Govt. of India norms.

Generous donations from Corporates (CSR) and individuals are solicited to keep these specialised services FREE for the underserved population.
Cervical Cancer Screening Programme:
Screened: 134 women
Camp 1: Community of Jan Seva project of SICW, Kolkata (January 8, 2018)
Camp 2: Community of Kolkata Municipal Ward no. 92 (February 3, 2018)
Supported by: AOGIN India
Cervical Cancer Screening Programme:
High incidences of cervical cancer are reported mainly from rural and in underprivileged populations in urban areas.  CFI regularly holds cervical cancer screening field clinics on voluntary basis in rural and urban slum populations. This programme that began in 2004 has screened more than 9000 women in the districts of south 24 parganas, Nadia and Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. Each screening clinic is held in the village / slums where women are first made aware of the disease through innovative communication material developed in-house at CFI. After thourough medical examination and documentation, cervical screening is done by visual inspection of the uterine cervix after the application of 3-5% acetic acid (VIA) or Lugol’s Iodine (VILI). Screen positive women are examined by colposcope and biopsy taken for histological confirmation of the lesion. Cryotherapy treatment and follow-up is provided to CIN positive women in the field clinics. In cases where excision by LLETZ, laser cone or knife cone procedures are required and the invasive cancer cases detected during the screening are referred to collaborating hospitals in Kolkata.
Breast Cancer Screening Programme:
Due to the continuing increase in non-communicable diseases in all sections of society in India, Cancer Screening has become a high priority component for any public health package to women’s health. Two of the major causes of morbidity and mortality among middle-aged Indian women are Breast and Cervical cancers. While an increasing incidence of breast cancer has been reported from several population-based cancer registries in metropolitan towns, CFI has been working to promote breast cancer awareness and breast self examination.